What happens if I die in service?

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The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) provides valuable life cover and financial protection for your family.
In this section we look at how these benefits work if you pay into the LGPS on or after 1 April 2014.
If you are in the 50/50 section of the LGPS when you die, this does not impact on the value of any pension for your spouse, civil partner, eligible cohabiting partner or eligible children.
You should also read the section If you joined the LGPS before 1 April 2014 to find out how membership counts and how final pay is worked out for the calculation of LGPS benefits.
If you were a member of the LGPS before 1 April 2012, and nearing retirement at that time you will have additional protection to ensure that the value of any survivor’s pension or children's pension is at least as good as the amount it would have been had you remained in the final salary scheme.