What counts towards membership in the Scheme before 1 April 2014?

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If you worked part-time before 1 April 2014, your membership is reduced accordingly. If you worked 17.5 hours per week and the whole time hours for your job were 35 per week, your membership would be reduced by 17.5/35, which is half. You would be credited with one year of membership every two years. Your membership may also be reduced if you work less than 52 weeks per year.

If you are working part-time in your final year, the final pay used to work out your pension is the pay you would have received if you worked whole time.

Your total membership in the final salary scheme may include:

  • how long you were a member of the LGPS before 1 April 2014 in years and days, reduced for any period that you worked part time

  • membership that was bought by transferring pension benefits from another scheme before 1 April 2014

  • membership that was bought by transferring final salary benefits from another public service pension scheme at any time

  • extra membership you have bought by paying added years contributions or by converting an in-house AVC into membership

  • extra membership awarded by your employer.