Voluntary retirement

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You can voluntarily retire and draw retirement benefits at any age on or after age 55 and before age 75, provided you have met the 2 years vesting period in the Scheme.

Voluntary Retirement at Normal Pension Age

You can voluntarily retire and draw your benefits in full at your Normal Pension Age.
For benefits built up from April 2014, your Normal Pension Age is linked to your State Pension Age (a minimum of age 65). At your Normal Pension Age, you can take the pension you have built up in full.
If you choose to take your pension before your Normal Pension Age, it will normally be reduced, as it's being paid earlier. If you take it later than your Normal Pension Age it will be increased because it's being paid later.
If you joined the LGPS before 1 April 2014, the you benefits built up before that date will have a different Normal Pension Age, normally age 65.
For further information about when benefits built up before 1 April 2014 are payable, please see the section I joined the LGPS before 1 April 2014.