Survivor's pension payable to your registered civil partner if you left the LGPS after 31 March 2014

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For each year of membership you built up from 1 April 2014 you were credited with a pension equal to a proportion (i.e. 1/49th or, for any period you were in the 50/50 section of the Scheme, 1/98th) of the pensionable pay (or assumed pensionable pay where applicable) you received during that year (plus 1/49th of assumed pensionable pay for any enhancement given if retirement had been on ill health grounds).
The pension payable to your civil partner is calculated on a different proportion:
  • 1/160th of the pensionable pay (or assumed pensionable pay where applicable), plus,
  • 49/160ths of the amount of any pension credited to your pension account following a transfer of pension rights into the scheme from another pension scheme or arrangement.
For final salary membership built up before 1 April 2014 the pension payable is:
  • 1/160th of your final pay times the period of your membership in the Scheme up to 31 March 2014 (including any additional membership purchased by you) upon which your pension is based unless you enter into a civil partnership after leaving in which case your civil partner’s pension would be based on your membership after 5 April 1988 (or on all of your membership if you became a pensioner before 1 April 2014 and makes an election before 1 April 2015 for pre 6 April 1988 membership to also count).