Pensionable Pay

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The pay on which you normally pay contributions is:
  • Normal salary or wages
  • Shift allowance
  • Bonuses
  • Overtime (both contractual and non-contractual)
  • Maternity Pay
  • Paternity Pay
  • Adoption Pay
  • Shared Parental Pay and
  • Any other taxable benefit specified in your contract as being pensionable.
You do not pay contributions on:
  • Travelling or subsistence allowances
  • Pay in lieu of notice
  • Pay in lieu of loss of holidays
  • Payment as an inducement not to leave before the payment is made
  • Any award of compensation (other than payment representing arrears of pay) made for the purpose of achieving equal pay
  • Pay relating to loss of future pensionable payments or benefits
  • Pay paid by your employer if you go on reserve forces service leave
  • The monetary value of a car or pay received in lieu of a car (apart from some historical cases).