If you are paying AVCs arranged through the LGPS (in-house AVCs)

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Columns of coinsYour contributions will cease when you draw your benefits (or cease two days before age 75 if you carry on in work beyond that age). However, the rules are slightly different if you take flexible retirement, as explained later.

Here are the different ways you can use your in-house AVC fund:


If you draw benefits on flexible retirement and your AVC contract started on or after 13 November 2001 you can choose to take all of your AVC fund at the time you take your flexible retirement benefits, and, if you wish, continue paying AVCs.

If your AVC contract started before 13 November 2001 your AVC contract will cease and you will have to use all of your AVC fund in one of the above ways at the time you draw your flexible retirement benefits.
If you leave before retirement your contributions will cease when you leave. The value of your AVC fund will continue to be invested until it is paid out. Your AVC plan is similar to your main LGPS benefits: it can be transferred to another pension arrangement, drawn at the same time as your LGPS benefits.
Payments into in-house AVCs will stop when you leave or retire.