How is my pension worked out if I joined the LGPS on or after 1 April 2014?

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Every year, you will build up a pension at a rate of 1/49th of the amount of pensionable pay you received in that scheme year (or half this rate of build up for any period you have elected to be in the 50/50 section of the Scheme).

If during the scheme year you had been on leave on reduced contractual pay or no pay due to sickness or injury, or had been on relevant child related leave or reserve forces service leave then, for the period of that leave, your pension is based on your assumed pensionable pay (other than during any part of relevant child related leave where the pensionable pay you received was higher than your assumed pensionable pay).

The amount of pension built up during the scheme year is then added to your pension account and revalued at the end of each scheme year so your pension keeps up with the cost of living.