Your May Payslip and P60 End of Tax Year Certificate

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A cash machineMerseyside Pension Fund does not normally post a payslip to you each month, as for the majority of pensioners, the amount paid each month does not alter significantly. You will only receive a payslip each May, or in any month when your net pay varies by more than £10.00 from the previous month.

In early May we will post a P60 certificate to everyone who received a pension in the Tax Year 20210/2022. The P60 is a summary of your pension and tax details for the tax year which ends on 5 April 2022. This certificate will make up the lower half of your May pension payslip.

Please keep this certificate safe, as other organisations often ask to see it as a proof of income if you make a claim for benefits. We are unable to provide you with a duplicate copy if your original P60 goes astray. 
Registered users of our online service, ‘MyPension’, can view and print copies of their monthly pension payslips, as well as a version of the P60 certificate approved by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).
We receive a large number of queries from pensioners about their tax codes. Unfortunately, we are unable to explain why HMRC has set or amended your tax code to a particular level. In the first instance, these queries should be made to HMRC. You can call HMRC on 0300 200 3300.
You should have your National Insurance number available and quote the Tax Reference 428/M1.