Understanding the results from the Modeller

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Box 2 shows a graph illustrating the value of the pension built up according to the information you have input in Box 1.
If you select 'Show 50/50' it will also show the comparison between both sections of the Scheme.
To help understand the impact that inflation has on the value of the pension built up, there is a comparison between the price of a pint of milk now and the price of a pint of milk (using the assumed inflation you chose) at the end of the number of years used in the calculation.
Box 3 breaks down how your pension is worked out from April 2014. Hover over the values in each column to understand what each element is.
Depending on the number of years you have chosen in box one you will see the value for each of the first 11 years and thereafter the value from 15 years in 5 year chunks (the pension for each year is worked out at the end of each Scheme Year, but for illustrative purposes, years have been grouped together to make the table more manageable).