Reductions in Pay before 1 April 2008

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LGPS members who suffered a permanent drop in their pensionable pay through no fault of her own before 1  April 2008, should have been issued with a 'Certificate of Protection of Pension Benefits' by their employer.
This certificate would give details of the final pay, based on the pre reduction date and the two preceding years. There would then be two levels of protection depending on when the member retired:
  • within 5 years the highest final pay is used
  • over 5 years an average of the pay is used
Certificates are no longer issued. However, but those that were issued before April 2008, can still offer protection if they are within 10 years of the date of issue.
Given that the last date a certificate could have been issued was 31 March 2008, the latest that any certificate could offer protection will be 31 March 2018.