Left an employment (or opted out) with deferred benefits and did not have a continuous break of more than 5 years in active membership of any public service pension scheme

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Your deferred benefits will automatically be joined with your new pension account (or, where the deferred benefits arose from the cessation of a concurrent job, automatically be joined with the pension account from the ongoing employment) unless you elect within 12 months of rejoining to keep your deferred benefits separate.
If the benefits are joined and you have more than one pension account you will need to choose which account the deferred benefits are to be added to.
Where the benefits are joined, the pension from the former employment which you built up on or after 1 April 2014 will be added to your active pension account.
The membership you built up before 1 April 2014 will continue to be calculated as a final salary benefit, with your final pay when you leave the active employment used to work out the benefits for your pre-1 April 2014 membership.
If you elect to keep your deferred benefits separate from your new active pension account then the value of the deferred benefits will increase to keep up with the cost of living.