How long can I remain in the 50/50 section?

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The 50/50 section is designed to be a short-term option for when times are tough financially.

Because of this, your employer is required to re-enrol you back into the main section of the Scheme every three years. This will be carried out in line with your employer’s automatic re-enrolment date.

Your employer will tell you when this is if you’re in the 50/50 section.  If you wish to continue in the 50/50 section at that point you would need to complete another election form to remain in that section of the Scheme.

If you are in the 50/50 section and move onto a period of no pay due to sickness or injury, or no pay during a period of ordinary maternity leave, ordinary adoption leave or paternity leave then you will be moved back into the main section of the LGPS from your next pay period if you are still not in receipt of pay at that time.

If you are in the 50/50 section you can choose to rejoin the main section of the Scheme at any time by completing an election form and returning to your employer.

If you have more than one job in which you contribute to the Scheme you must specify in which of the jobs you wish to be moved back to the main section. You will then start to build up full benefits in the main section from the next available pay period after your employer receives your election.