Expression of Interest - Deferred Benefits into Payment

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You should only complete this 'Expression of Interest' form if:
  • you have left the LGPS with deferred benefits, and
  • you are aged 55 and over, and
  • you are interested in drawing these deferred benefits (except on grounds of ill health where you must contact your former employer).
By completing this webform, you are expressing an interest in obtaining the value of your deferred benefits, rather than committing to put them into payment.
When we send your estimate of deferred benefits, we will enclose an Election Form for you to indicate whether or not, you wish to receive your LGPS benefits, as well as a Retirement Declaration Form which you must complete if you wish to draw your benefits.
All of the following fields marked* are mandatory and must be completed appropriately.
You will not be able to submit this form if are aged under 55
Your National Insurance Number (NINO) must be formatted correctly - two prefix letters, six digits, and one suffix letter. For Example AB123456C. Please do NOT input any spaces between each character typed.
Please input a valid Post Code. Your Post Code should be between five and seven letters/numbers. You cannot type more than 8 characters in this field.
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