Active Members' Annual Benefit Statements 2019

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31 March CalendarEach year, Merseyside Pension Fund meets the statutory requirement to produce a Benefit Statement for those active members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) as at 31 March of that year.
Registered Users of the Fund’s secure password-protected online website, 'MyPension', who were active members of the LGPS as at 31 March 2019, can now view their 2019 Active Members' Annual Benefit Statement online.
The figures quoted on the 2019 Annual Benefit Statement provide an illustration for members and are not legally binding on the Fund. The total amount of benefits which a member would receive on retirement may be different. Members should request a Benefit Estimate from their employer before making any decision to retire.
The questions and answers at the bottom of the page aim to help you access your 2019 Annual Statement in MyPension and understand the information contained within it.
While the Fund is required to produce Active Members’ Annual Benefit Statements by Saturday 31 August 2019, unfortunately, not all active members who may be expecting a 2019 Annual Statement, will be able to view one by that date. For more information, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I login to MyPension to view my 2019 Annual Statement?

If you have previously registered for MyPension and activated your account, you should login here.

I have logged into MyPension. Where can I find my 2019 Annual Statement?

When you login in to your 'MyPension' account, click 'Member Documents' from the left hand menu. Click on 'Active Annual Statement 2019' from the list of 'Member Documents'.

I have logged into MyPension but can't find 'Active Annual Statement 2019' in 'Member Documents'

Unfortunately, some members who may be expecting a 2019 Active Members' Annual Statement in their 'MyPension' account by 31 August 2019, will either not receive one or experience a delay. Please click here for more information.

Can I print a copy of my 2019 Annual Statement in MyPension?

When you login in to your 'MyPension' account, click 'Member Documents' from the left hand menu. Click on 'Active Annual Statement 2019' from the list of 'Member Documents'.
There isn't a 'Print' button in MyPension. If you wish to print a copy of your 2019 Annual Statement you must firstly click on the image of your statement to view it full-size.
Once you have clicked the image of your statement to make it full-size, a fast way of printing is usually the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P on a PC or Cmd + P on a Mac.
Alternatively, the 'Print' command is normally located in the 'File' menu of the web browser you are using. The 'File' menu is typically located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you click 'File', select 'Print' from the drop-down menu. Either option opens a 'print properties' window or automatically starts printing the document or file.
If the 'print properties' window is showing, you can specify additional printing options such as how many copies you want or which specific pages you want to print. Once you've selected the options, click 'Ok' or 'Print' to start the printing process.
Your 2019 Active Annual Statement is made up of 2 pages. You should use the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to navigate between each page. Each page of your 2019 Statement must be printed separately.

I am not a registered user of MyPension. How can I view my 2019 Annual Statement?

To be able to access your 2019 Active Members' Annual Statement, you will need to register for MyPension. To do this, please complete the online MyPension Activation Request here.