What happens to my deferred benefits if I change jobs but remain in the LGPS?

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If you are changing your job, but still working in local government or for another employer who offers you membership of the LGPS, or if you rejoin the LGPS before your deferred benefits are paid, your deferred benefits are normally automatically joined with your new active pension account when you rejoin the Scheme, unless you elect to keep them separate.

If you wish to keep your deferred benefits separate you must elect to do so within 12 months of re-joining the LGPS, unless your employer allows you longer. This in an employer discretion and you can ask your employer what their policy is on this matter.

If you wish to transfer your LGPS pension rights you should contact your current or former LGPS administrator as soon as possible to commence the process and find out about the matters you will need to consider in making your decision.

Please note that special rules apply if you were a member of the LGPS in England or Wales on or before 31 March 2014, please see the section, ‘Transferring Pension Rights into the LGPS’ for more information.

Please also note that if you became entitled to your deferred benefit as a result of making an election to opt out of membership of the scheme you will not be permitted to join your two periods of membership together and, instead, you will have two separate sets of pension benefits in the Scheme.