Pensioners Forms & Guides

Death Grant Expression of Wish form

This form gives you the opportunity to express your wish as to who would benefit from the payment of three years’ pay, should you die in service, or the balance of 10 years worth of your pension, should you die under age 75 but within 10 years of retiring.
 Download this form (January 2023, PDF, 2 pages, 141KB)

Survivor's Pension - Notification of your eligible Cohabiting Partner

If you are not married or part of a registered civil partnership, but currently living with a ‘partner’, you can, by completing the Cohabiting Partners Notiification for Survivor’s Pension form, name a ‘survivor’ who, in the event of your death and provided the required criteria are satisfied at the tie of your death, would be eligible to receive a Survivor’s Pension payable for life.
 Download this form (June 2022, PDF, 3 pages, 170KB)

Change of Address form

Whether you are still a contributing member of the Scheme, or you have deferred your pension, we still need to know how to inform you of the value of your benefits. It is therefore very important, that you keep us informed of any change of address you might have.
  Download this form (June 2022, PDF, 1 page, 122KB)