Why can't I view my 2018 Active Members' Annual Benefit Statement?

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Exclamation markMerseyside Pension Fund is required to produce an Annual Benefit Statement detailing the value, as at 31 March, of the pension benefits of both current and former members of the LGPS by 31 August of that year.
Unfortunately, some members who may be expecting a 2018 Active Members' Annual Statement in their 'MyPension' account by 31 August 2018, will either not receive one or experience a delay:
  • if your active membership of the LGPS started after 31 March 2018, your first Annual Benefit Statement will be produced in 2019, or
  • In addition, some members who were active members on 31 March 2018 and remain an active member of the Scheme, will experience a delay in being able to view their 2018 Statement in MyPension because the Fund is either finalising or awaiting the information from their employer which is required to produce the 2018 Annual Statement.