Merseyside Pension Fund has published its 2018 Communications Policy

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​​Merseyside Pension Fund is committed to providing clear, accurate, comprehensive and timely information to all stakeholders, through the most appropriate and cost-effective communication medium.
Funds in England and Wales are required to publish a statement of policy under Regulation 61 of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013, relating to the communications with members and Scheme employers. The Fund's 2018 policy was approved by the Pensions Committee on 16 July 2018, following consultation with the Local Pension Board.
As required by the LGPS Regulations, this policy outlines the Fund’s activities with regards to:
  • communications to members, representatives of members, prospective members and Scheme employers, and
  • the format, frequency and method of distributing such information, and
  • the promotion of the Scheme to prospective members and their employers.
The Communications Policy will be revised and re-published following any future material change in policy.


Read the 2018 Communications Policy (PDF, 11 pages, 317KB) >>