Deferred Members' Annual Benefit Statements 2019

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Each year, Merseyside Pension Fund meets its statutory requirement to produce a Benefit Statement for all former members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) whose pension benefits are retained in the Scheme, until they either become payable or are transferred into another pension arrangement.
The 2019 Deferred Members’ Annual Benefit Statements have now been uploaded to the Fund’s secure password-protected online website, MyPension for registered users to view.
A Deferred Members’ Annual Benefit Statement displays the value of a deferred member's benefits when they left the Scheme and the current value that takes account of any annual inflationary increases since the member left their LGPS employment or ceased contributing to the Scheme.
The 2019 statements have been produced using information supplied to Merseyside Pension Fund by the deferred member's former LGPS employer and cannot be guaranteed as accurate. They are produced on the understanding that they are not legally binding on Merseyside Pension Fund.