Fund Forms & Guides

Membership form

This form needs to be completed and returned to the Fund. It allows you to apply to keep your current membership separate from previous spells in the LGPS. Similarly, if you have ever paid into another pension scheme, you can apply to transfer into the LGPS. Both applications must be made within 12 months of joining.

 Download this form (April 2016, PDF, 3 pages, 63KB)

Death Grant Expression of Wish form

This form gives you the opportunity to express your wish as to who would benefit from the payment of three years’ pay, should you die in service, or the balance of 10 years worth of your pension, should you die under age 75 but within 10 years of retiring.

 Download this form (April 2014, PDF, 2 pages, 45KB)

Survivor's Pension - Notification of your eligible Cohabiting Partner

If you are not married or part of a registered civil partnership, but currently living with a ‘partner’, you can, by completing the Cohabiting Partners Notiification for Survivor’s Pension form, name a ‘survivor’ who, in the event of your death and provided the required criteria are satisfied at the tie of your death, would be eligible to receive a Survivor’s Pension payable for life.

 Download this form (February 2018, PDF, 2 pages, 43KB)

Election to join the Local Government Pension Scheme

Your employer will normally automatically enrol you as a member of the LGPS when you start local government employment. However, there are some exceptions. Please check with your employer if you are eligible to join the LGPS before completing this form.

 Download this form (January 2017, PDF, 1 pages, 35KB)

Change of Address form

Whether you are still a contributing member of the Scheme, or you have deferred your pension, we still need to know how to inform you of the value of your benefits. It is therefore very important, that you keep us informed of any change of address you might have.

  Download this form (June 2016, PDF, 1 page, 13KB)

Increasing your Benefits Guide

Most of us look forward to a happy and comfortable retirement and in order to have that little bit extra during your retirement years it is worth considering paying extra contributions, which are a tax efficient way of topping up your income in retirement.

 Download this guide (October 2014, PDF, 2 pages, 125KB)

AVC Retirement Options form

Prior to retiring, any Scheme members who are paying/have paid In-house Additional Voluntary Contributions with Merseyside Pension Fund, need to inform the Fund how they wish to receive their accumulated AVC 'pot'.

To help members decide, the Fund will provide details of the various options available on receipt of a completed 'AVC Retirement Options' form.

To avoid any delay in the payment of your AVC and normal Scheme benefits, Scheme members should complete this form at least 3 months in advance of their expected date of leaving/retirement.

 Download this form (October 2015, PDF, 1 page, 26KB)

Death Grant Expression of Wish form (Councillor Members)

This form gives councillor members the opportunity to express your wish as to who would benefit from the payment of twice your career average pay, should you die in service, or the balance of 5 years worth of your pension, should you die within 5 years of retiring.

 Download this form (April 2012, PDF, 2 pages, 3.72MB)

Request a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

If you are joining another pension arrangement, you may wish to consider transferring your Local Government Pension Scheme benefits to it. Your new pension provider will require a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) quotation from Merseyside Pension Fund, which you need to request by completing this form.

PLEASE NOTE: this form should not be used for a Divorce Enquiry.

 Download this form (April 2017, PDF, 2 pages, 27KB)

Divorce Enquiry Letter

Should you require specific information about your LGPS benefits as part of the proceedings for a divorce, judicial separation or nullity of marriage, or for dissolution, separation or nullity of a civil partnership, you or your solicitor should contact us for this information, including an estimate of the cash equivalent value (CEV) of your pension rights, using the form below. The Court will take this value into account in your settlement.

You usually get one free CEV estimate each year. Any other costs for supplying information or complying with a Court Order will be recovered from you and/or your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner in accordance with the Fund's charging policy.