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Registering a Civil Partnership
The Civil Partnership Act came into force on
5 December 2005, allowing same sex couples to gain legal recognition for their relationship, opening the door to the same benefits as married couples.
Civil partnership allows same sex couples to gain legal recognition for their relationship through a procedure, which is similar to a Register Office wedding.
By going through this process, you and your partner will gain various legal rights. There could also be an impact on your State Pension.

Civil Partnerships and your Pension
Much of the procedure is like the registration procedure for a civil marriage. For more information, please see Directgov.
Once you register, legally you become civil partners. If your civil partnership doesn't work out there is a legal 'divorce' procedure called dissolution. If your civil partnership is dissolved, your pension will be taken into account in any settlement. By registering your partnership through this process, your civil partner automatically becomes entitled to a survivor's pension if you die first.
You can also nominate your partner to receive payment of the lump sum death grant. This is something you should think about whether or not you register a civil partnership.