Prescribed pay reductions in your last 10 years of pensionable employment

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The prescribed circumstances are:
  • you choose to be employed by the same employer at a lower grade or responsibilty, or
  • for the purpose of achieving equal pay in relation to other employees at the same employer, or
  • as a result of a job evaluation exercise, or
  • because of a contractual change affecting pensionable emoluments, or
  • because of a restriction to future pay increases that may adversely affect final pay.
These circumstances only apply to reductions in pay after 1 April 2008. Other rules apply for reductions in pay before April 2008.
A reduction in your pensionable pay can't be considered if:
  • it was before the beginning of the period of 10 years ending with your last day of pensionable employment, or
  • it immediately follows a period during when you held a temporary post at a higher rate of pay, or
  • you choose to reduce your working hours or move to a lower grade job so that you could take flexible retirement.