Paying Regular Contributions

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You can choose to buy extra pension by spreading payment of the Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) over a number of complete years (unless the Fund determines that it would not be practicable to allow APCs to be paid by regular contributions, in which case payment could be made by a lump sum).

Any extra regular contributions would be taken from your pay, just like your basic contributions.

Your LGPS and APCs are deducted before your tax is worked out, so, if you pay tax, you receive tax relief automatically through the payroll. You qualify for tax relief (normally at your highest rate) on all pension contributions up to 100% of your taxable earnings, including your normal contributions.

The minimum period of time you can spread payment of APCs over is 12 months and the maximum period is the number of years to your Normal Pension Age (unless you choose to pay by making a lump sum payment - see below for further details). The latest you can take out an APC contract is 1 year before your Normal Pension Age. 

At the end of every scheme year (1 April to 31 March) the proportion of extra pension that you have paid for in that year is added to your pension account.

You can choose to stop paying APCs at any time by notifying the Fund or your employer in writing. You will be credited with the extra pension that you have paid for at the time of ceasing payment.