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If you die in service, a lump sum death grant of three times final pay (two times career average pay for Councillors), is payable from the moment you join the LGPS. For part-time employees, ACTUAL PAY in part-time employment is used and NOT the whole-time equivalent value.
A Death Grant Expression of Wish form should be completed by each member of the Scheme and allows you to nominate one or more individuals or organisation to receive payment of the death grant if you should die in service.
The Fund has the discretion to pay the lump sum death grant to the deceased's nominee or personal representatives or to any person who appears, at any time, to have been your relative or dependant. In exercising this discretion the Fund will normally pay a death grant to or amongst the deceased's nominated beneficiaries.
A death grant is payable to whoever the member nominated to be a beneficiary. Members can nominate one or more individuals or organisations to receive payment.
Where no nomination has been made, payment of the death grant will normally be made to the deceased's spouse, surviving civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner.
In the absence of a valid nomination, surviving spouse, registered civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner, or when other persons are claiming all or some of the death grant, the Fund will pay the grant as it sees fit to such persons appearing to it to have been a relative or dependant at the time of death.

Download the Expression of Wish